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Hello world! January 15, 2010

Posted by Michael Miller in Enterprise Architecture.
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Day1 – A Brave New World

Welcome to 1EnterpriseArchitect!

Enterprise Architecture essentially began in 1987 with the publication of John Zachman’s seminal work “A Framework for Information Systems Architecture,” and the subsequent article in 1992, “Extending and Formalizing the Framework for Information Systems Architecture.” This work was later officially named the Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture or simply the Zachman Framework. In these two articles, John presents a framework for understanding enterprise. He proposes looking at the entire enterprise as one entity or one system, a holistic look at the enterprise and all its components. This Zachman Framework answers all the questions one can ask about an enterprise – the six interrogatives’ who, what, when, where, why and how. These two articles are the cornerstone of our profession as enterprise architects.

This blog, 1EnterpriseArchitect, is dedicated to promoting the collective holistic understanding of the enterprise through Enterprise Architecture.

I have been blessed with knowing John Zachman since 1985, when he ventured into the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), where I worked, espousing the idea of IBM’s Business Systems Planning – work that pre-dates and led to enterprise architecture. I have been a disciple of John ever since. Enterprise Architecture is not just my profession, but my passion.

I hope, through this Enterprise Architecture Blog, to share what I, one enterprise architect, have learned and continue to learn, and encourage you to share with the world to promote enterprise architecture to an exact science successful by all, rather than a popular art form crafted by a few illuminati.

1. “A framework for information systems architecture” by John A. Zachman
Source: IBM Systems Journal. Volume 26, Issue 3 Pages: 276 – 292 (1987) ISSN: 0018-8670. 

2. “Extending and formalizing the framework for information systems architecture” by J. F. Sowa and J. A. Zachman, Source: IBM Systems Journal. Volume 31, Issue 3 pages 590 – 616. (1992) ISSN: 0018-8670.